Cathal Roith


Cathal Roith is a direct descendent of the powerful druid Mogh Roith, who died at the hands of Trollok during the lich’s rise to power in 1299 AR. With his dying breath Mogh asked the deity Obad-Hai to watch over his lineage if they dedicated their lives to destroying that which is unnatural and preserving the order of the natural world.

Cathal was born in 1704 AR to Cormac and Morgana Roith in the forest lands lying outside the Nation of Stone. During this time his father taught him both the history of his clan and the foolish endeavors of those outside the Roith forest enclave. Cathal’s older sister Simone, wanting to explore the outside world and learn firsthand of the offenses against nature by the nation’s of the world, was last heard from in 1730 AR after heading into The Tear. Despondent at this news and the seemingly hopeless burden of his ancestral oath, Cormac Roith has left his family and his druidic life, living a debaucherous existence in the Nation of Auriel.

In 1734 AR, Cathal has meditated for forty days under the shade of The Tree of Shalm and knew he must leave his home in search of his father and sister. He heads to Auriel to find answers and carry on the mission of the Roith clan.

Cathal Roith

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