Gavriil Nisselovich

Vagabond Holyman


Gavriil was born a bastard child of a nobleman, and was quickly turned over to the church of Lathander as an orphan. As childhood passed, he buried himself the in religious texts of the church and quickly became the ideal theologian. He would also become notorious for his polished oratories. It was quite apparent that Gavriil was an exemplary priest in the making.

Impressed by his devout example, Yaroslav Nisselovich, a nobleman in possession of a realm of comsiderable size and variety, offered to adopt Gavriil as his own. Gavriil, still a boy and not yet a man, willingly obliged. Yaroslav founded a brand new church of Lathander in his realm, and Gavriil joined the cause. The years passed.

Angnessa, Gavriil’s adoptive mother, finally became pregnant with Yaroslav’s child and gave birth to a son. As the brother’s grew up together (and despite a 12 year age difference), for one reason or another, Gavriil never quite managed to get along with his younger brother (Yaroslav’s son). Gavriil tried to reach his brother, but it was to no avail.

One day Yaroslav became sick and passed, leaving his realm to his two sons. Each governed a principality. The brotherly strife continued. Eventually, this erupted in to a civil war between the two estates. Though it was a petty affair, they still failed to resolve their differences. Weakened from their childish feud, their principalities were soon invaded and the brothers were run out of town.

Presently, Gavriil, a devout follower of Lathander, seeks to embody Lathander‘s message of joy and compassion by spreading these ideals across the realm. There is no tavern too merry that could not be made merrier. There is no woman too married that could not use a night of compassion. Gavriil seeks nothing more than to wander the countryside and spread Lathander’s renewing message in any way he can.

Gavriil Nisselovich

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