The Kingdom of Auriel

The nation of Auriel is represented by the Yellow shaded region on the map. The campaign begins here.

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Auriel is a typical human civilization. The land is ruled by a monarch with five noble houses supporting the king. In exchange for support, the nobles have a seat on the council of nobles which decides laws of the land. While the nation is mostly human, other races are welcomed as equals in society. This includes typically monstrous races as long as they follow the laws of the land. This gives Auriel a diverse population similar to its landscape.

Auriel’s wilderness is mostly grassland plains and rolling temperate hills. There are two great forests within its borders. Other than those, trees are sparse. Most of the region is supplied with water from one of the two great rivers that run through the country. The rest are supplied from spring fed creeks and frequent but moderate rainfall. The coastal portion of the kingdom tends to be more marshy with a great marsh located near the port city of Dol Mak. The very eastern part of the kingdom encompasses a portion of the desert Phrix. Roads in the kingdom are well maintained and patrolled.

Things every citizen of the realm knows:

  • The Law: This is mostly common sense. The notable exception is that almost all the penalties for nobles also give the noble a choice of paying some exorbitant fine.
  • The name of the king: High Lord Kenneth Shelby the Fifth
  • The major parts of government: The King, Council of Nobles, Congress of Guilds, and the Tribunal
  • The crests of the five noble houses

Major Cities






Dol Mak



Other Locations

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