Auriel History

A Recent History Of Auriel

The Seasons And Months:


  • 1654 AR: The year of the golden peace
  • 1658 AR: King Lirus Shelby dies, and is succeeded by King Amadeus Shelby the second.
  • 1660 AR: The Black Rock Orcs invade from the northwest. Many small provinces are decimated before the army can adequately respond. In response to this, King Shelby proposes that his archmages develop a system of teleportation gates across the land.
  • 1661 AR: Work Begins on the teleportation network.
  • 1667 AR: King Amadeus Shelby the second is assassinated. The assassin escapes before he can be identified. King Kenneth Shelby The Fourth rises to power after his uncle’s death.
  • 1672 AR: King Shelby issues a decree that calls for the restructuring of the monarchy into a more representative form of government. His title changes from King to High Lord.
  • 1685 AR: High Lord Shelby marries Lady Lydia Belmont, A high ranking noble of House Belmont with significant political sway.
  • 1687 AR: King Amadeus’ teleportation network is completed. As a demonstration of military might, High Lord Shelby orders a thousand men to tour the countryside via the teleportation network over the next year.
  • 1688 AR: On their final leg of the journey, all 1000 of the troops walk into the portal, and none come out the other side. The event is looked into, and no solution is found.
  • 1691 AR: Kenneth and Lydia have a son; Kenneth Shelby The Fifth
  • 1693 AR: 1000 corpses come through the teleportation ring in the Cermak. Judging by their armor, it appears that they rapidly aged more than a thousand years before re-appearing. The system is officially shut down and restricted to emergency use only.
  • 1699 AR: The Mages of Auriel discover a way of summoning and forcing elementals into indentured servitude. The people of The Tear protest this, as well as some more liberal citizens.
  • 1704 AR: Auriel begins constructing a fleet of airships powered by elementals. This is the first phase in High Lord Kenneth’s plans for this new arcane power source.
  • 1707 AR: The city of Bravil develops a way to harness the powers of nature in order to drastically enhance crop yields. They quickly become the largest supplier of food to the entire country. The teleportation circles are deemed safe for this purpose. At worst, the crops sent through would end up not arriving or arriving as dust.
  • 1713 AR:
  • 1717 AR: High Lord Kenneth Shelby The Fourth turns power over to his son High Lord Kenneth Shelby The Fifth. This peaceful transition of power takes place on the midwinter festival. High Lord Kenneth Shelby The Fifth is currently 16 years old. His mother serves as his regent.
  • 1718 AR: Lydia Belmont gives the noble House Belmont a large grant from the royal treasury to apply to arcane research.
  • 1719 AR: High Lord Kenneth Shelby The Fifth takes full control of his kingly duties at the age of 18.
  • 1722 AR: High Lord Shelby sends a sizable portion of the kingdom’s military might to the eastern half of Auriel in order to defend the peasants from marauding bands of orcs and other creatures from The Unclaimed Lands.
  • 1730 AR: The Black Rock Orcs invade from the northwest. They are held at bay by the reinforced military presence in the area. However, smaller raiding bands destroy a number of villages and smaller townships in the western portion of Auriel.
  • 1734 AR: The current year.

Auriel History

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