Character Creation

Player Creation Rules

(For any level) Starting players must have an effective character level of 5. Starting gold for Equipment is 15,750gp as per below.

Allowed Sources: Any Wizards Of The Coast(WOTC) 3.5 book. Pathfinder SRD. 3.5 SRD. Some 3.0 material (show me what you have in mind and I may approve it with or without modification.)

Stats: 4d6 re-roll 1’s. Choose the highest 3 dice. This means at absolute worst, you can end up with an unmodified stat at 6.

Race: Any from the Pathfinder Core Book/SRD, The D&D3.5 Monster Manuals(MM) 1-5, The Races series of books, Libris Mortis, & Unearthed Arcana. The Effective Character Level (ECL) must be at least 1 lower than starting character ECL. Undead are valid choices. Undead characters gain an intelligence score if they otherwise didn’t have one. If the undead race doesn’t normally have an intelligence score roll stats as normal then modify it by -6. Undead characters always earn 1d12 for hit points for their racial Hit Dice (HD).

Templates: Any from PHB, MM 1-5, & Unearthed Arcana. Templates must be approved.

Classes: Any from PHB, Complete series, DMG, Expanded Psionics Handbook, and Pathfinder. Other sources are allowed, but must be approved on a case by case basis. These such odd choices will likely be shared with the group.

Hitpoints: Starting HP will not be the normal maximum of the class HP die(d?) + constitution(CON) mod. Starting hit points will be (CON + the maximum die value for that class(d?)). each level gained after first will add the normal (d? + CON mod) To the character’s HP total. Instead of rolling, players have the option to take ½ of their hit die instead of rolling. This half will be rounded up every other level gained. First level undead characters will receive 24 HP (Max(1d12) + 12) if they lack a constitution score (almost all undead do).

Feats: Any from PHB, MM 1-5, Complete series, Expanded Psionics HB, and Pathfinder. Others are allowed, but again, must be approved on a case by case basis. If a feat appears in some other source and in the Pathfinder Core book, we will only be using the Pathfinder core book’s version of the feat.

Alignment: any non-evil.

Deity: Any. Picking a deity from a non-PHB source usually means that your Deity is neither as powerful nor as prevalent as others. This can cause consequences in game. In case it needs to be said, deities are not required by any means…

Equipment: If starting level is above first, then you have gold equal to the average player level wealth table in the Pathfinder Core book times 1.50. The most expensive single item you may have is equal to half of that amount. This is more of a guideline. I am willing to fudge this if you’re set on a specific item. Again, this will be dealt with on a case by case basis. I’ll be looking over everyone’s inventory before play begins. Non-standard magic items are available, but tend to be harder to come by unless they are specifically commissioned (which is definitely doable).

Here’s a link to The Pathfinder SRD Equipment.

Item creation is allowed and there will be some downtime for creation. Alternate Creation systems possible, like the one in Unearthed Arcana. Steam powered weapons are available. They are very rare and require a EWP to use correctly. These should be restricted to dwarves/gnomes/goblinoids/kobolds from highly industrious/engineering based cultures.

In addition, if you would like recommendations as to equipment or anything else, just ask. I will be happy to help.

Character Creation

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