The Council of Nine

The Council of Nine

The Council of Nine is represented on the may by the Gray area on the map.


The Council of Nine is a nation of undead. It is ruled by 9 powerful Liches. They avoid each other and rule their independent city-states alone. They meet once a year to decide national policy. Likewise envoys to the undead are only allowed audience to the council once a year.

The undead civilization mirrors human civilization. Among the intelligent undead, there are social classes. There are artisans, nobles, poor, and the like. The unintelligent are treated as work animals. They mine tirelessly, build continually, and always decay. While their nation covers little land mass, the undead have no need to breathe and have dominated the oceans under their control. The living are seen as welcome guests that will one day either be labor, or a welcome member of society. They are welcome on the settlements on the mainland, as well as the City of the Dead on the largest island.

Major Cities

City of the Dead



Other Locations

City of the Deep

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The Council of Nine

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