The Forgotten Tribes

The Forgotten Tribes

The Forgotten Tribes is represented on the may by the Green area on the map.


The Forgotten Tribes are the tribes of elves Ruled by the Elven High Council. They have sectioned their forests off into clan ruled areas. The high law of the council is the only thing that binds them together. The law states that they cannot trade their magics with the lesser races, nor their magical goods. Those that do are banished from the tribes lands. They either try to find another tribe to take them in, or they tend to join the the Free Tribes.

The Elves rarely allow others into their tribes, and those that become members only do so after great acts of heroism that benefits the tribes. The Elven Tribes are fierce peoples who would fight to the death to defend their homeland. However, They rarely have to due to the fact that ancient spells have been woven into the land that have held back all enemies of the tribes for generations.

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The Forgotten Tribes

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