The Free Tribes

The Free Tribes

The Free Tribes is represented on the may by the Light Blue area on the map.


The Free Tribes are composed of native humans driven from their lands in the northern forests, elves banished from their ancestral homelands in the north, and the merfolk tribes of the southern archipelago. Together These races banded together to prevent the Forgotten Tribes from overwhelming the southern tip of the continent. While this nation is not as strong or as prosperous as it’s northern neighbor, it excels in seamanship and boat building. The Free Tribes secured trade treaties with a number of the other nations in order to pressure the Forgotten Tribes into signing a number of peace treaties and concessions granting the southern tip of the continent to the Free Tribes.

The Tribes tend to be mostly carefree seafarers. They make most of their income farming the seas or trading between nations. Those that never venture out upon the waves are viewed as social pariahs. By the Age of 8 most children raised among the free tribes have accepted an apprenticeship aboard some kind of ship.

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The Free Tribes

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