The Nation of Stone

The Nation of Stone

The Nation of Stone is represented on the may by the Brown area on the map.


The nation of stone, as one would guess, is mostly Dwarven clansmen and Gnomish merchants. This nation’s holdings are mostly underground. They serve as the gateway between the Deep Realm and the rest of the world. Because of this, they are very wealthy as far as raw materials and crafts from below.

The people of the Nation of Stone believe that everyone is born into a specific caste and can only change caste by accomplishing some great feat that benefits everyone. These heroes are venerated almost as living gods. The most recent of these was Herb ‘Steam Body’ Earthblood. He was the one responsible for the most recent Dwarven steam powered innovations.

Major Cities

Helm’s Reach

Talon’s Fall


Other Locations

Hell’s Stair

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The Nation of Stone

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