The Kingdom of Vashiel

The Kingdom of Vashiel is represented on the may by the Light Gray area on the map.


The Kingdom of Vashiel is ruled by an all powerful dictator who consults a council of nobles. The kingdom grants full citizenship only to humanoids, and requires that all non-humanoids to serve in the military for a minimum of 4 years. After this time, they are able to live as commoners withing the kingdom. This makes their armies highly irregular since units and squads are composed of different types of creatures.

Those that are capable to summoning creatures from other realms or those who have made pacts with devils/demons are usually higher up in the social hierarchy. These creatures of darkness/evil are granted heightened status. Some are even worshiped as dark gods.

Major Cities




Other Locations

The Marsh of the Forgoten

The City of the Lost

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