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In this world, many different kingdoms have had lasting peace over the last 80 years. While prejudices and predispositions still make some feel more welcome than others, treaties and commerce arrangements have ensured that everyone is treated in a civil manner. This lasting peace enables almost all to flourish in a great golden age. The trades and the arts have made vast advances. Dwarven smiths, goblin tinkerers, gnome alchemists, and industrious kobolds are on the verge of discovering how to harness steam power in crude ways. Magical theory has expanded greatly in this flourishing age. Expeditions into the astral realms are commonplace for university spell casters. On the surface, there is lasting peace.

However, in the shadows between, darkness stirs. In the badlands and in unclaimed territories, violence and darkness still encompasses the lives of everyday folk. Within borders, the rulers struggle to control their flourishing civilizations. Tensions spark whenever a raiding party from an unclaimed territory crosses into claimed lands. “Was this a covert attempt by anther nation?” rulers wonder. Royal courts teem with plots by ranking nobles in line for the throne. Envoys between nations are slow to reach their destinations. ‘Accidental deaths’ occur politically.


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Dissolution of Peace