Dissolution of Peace

Refugees in Bravil

A plan to dispose of a dead body.

The characters settled down for the night. The night passed uneventfully for the first four watches. The last on guard duty, Gavriil, was preparing his mind and body for Lathander’s light to instill in him his divine powers for the day when he heard a sound behind him. When he looked, he saw a strange mostly humanoid creature. It had the tail of a scorpion, scaled human-like arms that ended in deadly claws, and the head of some vicious looking dinosaur. To compound this strange creature’s look further, it was wearing what appeared to be a chain shirt that must have been specifically made for it.

Gavriil, remembering the night before, quickly woke Cathal and pointed out the ‘problem’ and requested that he deal with it. Cathal wasted no time to try to convey to the creature that they were peaceful and weren’t intending to hurt it. It was then that they heard the voice of someone coming from behind the creature. “Howdy travelers, I’m glad I finally caught up to you. I’ve been following you since I found your tracks leading away from the crash site.”

After some quick introductions and some small talk about the surrounding area and the creature, they happily met Mr. Nathan Fisk, a hermit in the woods who wasnt welcome in Bravil. He explained to the that the druids in the town and himself did not see eye to eye on a number of issues. Cathal Insisted that they head back to Nathan’s hovel in the woods, and after a quick suggestion that they should stck together from Simon, they decided to all follow Nathan home. On the walk, they took turns trying to hold a conversation with the hermit, and after a few attempts decided that perhaps not talking was better. When they arrived, the group realized that Nathan was living in a lean-to situated between a large boulder and a close tree. After a once over of his things, and a quick promise to get him supplies in town, the party rushed away from him and towards Bravil.

When they arrived, Simon asked them to stay put while he had a private conversation with the guard on duty. Afterwards, he informed the group that they would all be escorted tot he guard barracks and interviewed about what happened to them personally on the air ship. While Simon was being interviewed, Cathal and Fritz attempted to get their stories straight so they wouldnt have to let anyone know about their encounter with the Automaton. After everyone spouted their own particular brand of lie, they were released on Simon’s word. However, The guards had one final hurdle for the group to cross. They wanted to do a quick search of the group’s possessions. Fritz’s heart suddenly started to pound when he remembered that he had the corpse of a fugitive in his handy haversack. Fortunately for him, his fears were short lived when a careless guard got grossed out by the hairy thing he had on the top of his bag (the dead rascal’s longer hair).

Cathal, Bael, and Fritz all decided to head towards the slums in order to visit The Harlot, a classy bar that catered to its patron’s special needs. Gavriil decided that he and his ward should visit a bar in the temple district in order to blow off some steam after the traumatic events of the past 2 days. They all walked together to the grand gate leading from the garden’s district tot he temple district. Fritz took a brief detour to a bounty board at the gate to search for the wanted posted for the dead criminal he had stuffed in his rucksack. Unable to find one, he cursed his luck again and began thinking about how to collect his bounty.

Gavriil and his young ward left the group at the entrance to the temple district and headed for a local pub. Upon finding Thomas’ Flophouse, they went in and asked to be served with tall frothy pints of ale, never mind that it was before noon. After drinking for about an hour and talkng with the barkeep about happens going on in town, Gavriil learned that an ambassador from the Council of Nine was in town and working with the druids on some arcane task. After having this distressing news ruin the moment for ale, he decided to go and check out the Knights of the Chalice and hopefully borrow a small cloistered cell where the two of them could rest and meditate on life together.

Meanwhile, Bael, Fritz, and Cathal ventured to the slums. Bael stepped into a small shop and purchased a small red kerchief, and promptly tied it onto his person in order to signal his contacts in the slums. While in transit to The Harlot, the group encountered a number of street urchins who begged them for coin. Bael, thinking that this might be a covert way of being approached from his supposed contacts, tossed on of the children a silver. Upon arriving at the Harlot, Fritz and Cathal went inside and started relaxing in relative quiet in the establishment’s bar. Bael, annoyed that no one had contacted him yet, walked around The Harlot, and began to walk through the entire slums district spiraling outwards from The Harlot. While Bael was on his long walk, Fritz tried to make conversation with the waitresses and with a table of fellows who were playing a private game of cards. None of these people were too keen on talking with these strangers.

Having once again shared the light of Lathander with another unbeliever turned believer, Gavriil went to the library and began researching historical information in this chapel as well as more information about the undead.

Bael returned to the Harlot after his very long and unsuccessful attempt to find anyone from the Crimson Blades. He took a seat with Cathal and Fritz and ordered a pint. When the server brought it out to him, he reached for his coin purse, and realized it was missing. Thinking back to the last time he had used it, he cursed the urchins of the slums and sprinted out of the bar along with Fritz and Cathal in order to find the thieves. After a few seconds, they spotted a couple children playing a game of catch with what appeared to be a coin purse. Cathal became a hawk, tackled this child to the ground with his claws and kept him pinned by flapping and biting close to the kid’s head. When the other’s caught up, Bael dragged the kid int an alley way, opened his marked coin purse and upon realizing that it was apparently just filled with stones, he twisted the kid’s arm close to the breaking point and demanded the return of his coins. After some implying that he knew where they were and that he would tell Bael only, Fritz and Cathal guarded the alleyway entrance while Bael continued to intimidate and interrogate the frightened kid. The urchin told bael that he was working for them, and that there was a note in his coin purse, and that he was an abusive idiot. After looking thouroughly at the purse, the found the crumpled note with the location of the crimson blade’s safehouse.

Deciding to take his friends, Bael, Cathal, and Fritz made their way to the safehouse and entered. After a quick chat with the elderly guard, they were let into the actual safehouse. There a woman who didnt introduce herself demanded to see the haul from the airship. After opening the chest and finding some trinkets and another locked wooden box, she demanded that he open it quickly. After doing so and realizing that it was empty and it had an indent where the book he had found only days before as well as two other circular items, she threw them out. As they were leaving all they could head was the sounds of things being hurled off walls and the splintering of wood as this woman threw a tantrum at the loss of these apparently valuable items.

Now that they had had a bonding moment beating up and interrogating a child and getting yelled at by some thief, Fritz decided to trust Bael enough to tell him about the bounty he had in his sack. After many ideas and many more arguments of why they wouldnt work, they decided that the only way to collect the bounty is to impersonate this rogue in this town and do things which would cause a large bounty to be placed on him. The sought out Gavriil for possible better ideas. Immediately after hearing that there was an ambassador from a different country in town, they decided that if that ambassador were to be killed a massive bounty would likely be placed on the killer. The added bonus of course which is that they would be slaying one of the undead. They realized that they would need Cathal’s tied to the Druids in order to get pertinent information about the ambassador. After probing Cathal, the most openly moral of them, with question on his feelings about the undead, he revealed that he despised their plague on the land and that he desired all of them wiped from the earth. Needless to say, he was quickly filled in and notified of the plan.

With their plotting complete, their next step is to begin spying.

(As the group began planning this all, the DM could do naught but shake his head.)



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